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Final Update (5/18/2011)

It's done! With this update, everything has been delivered to the sponsor and to RIT.

Update (4/27/2011)

After many weeks of development work and constant contact with the sponsors (with the side-effect of our website being slightly neglected), the RIToolkit team has delivered the complete set of updates and enhancements to MoSoNex for their IPTV application. The team is now sitting back a bit, working on RIT's required material, including the poster and final document.

Update (2/7/2011)

This week we the team read over the new documentation that we received. We also worked on enhancing the Usability Analysis document. We removed the known issues table because we felt that it was too much redundant information and we changed the known issues section to "Other Known Issues" and that identifies issues that are not covered by the Widget Comparison, Application Comparison, and Heuristic Evaluation sections. We have also enhanced the Heuristic Evaluation section.

Next week the team will be compiling and finalizing the presentation for the mid-term presentation and preparing for the presentation. We will also be putting together the remainder of the tasks list and checking the task list to ensure that all issues have been accounted for and that we are approaching the issues correctly.

Update (2/1/2011)

This week, the RIToolkit team expanded and revised the usability analysis based on sponsor feedback, so it now consists of three different comparison sections. The team also introduced a heuristic evaluation segment. A number of configuration and application issues regarding how the MoSoNex application works were also resolved.

For the upcoming week we will be finishing the updates to the document now that the team can fully access the application's elements. A list of solutions to as many issues as possible will be compiled as an additional element of the analysis. The team will also be reviewing the newly received Mediaroom documentation to be ready for code development.

Update (1/23/2011)

This week each member of the team wrote applications in ASP.Net using either WPF or Microsoft Mediaroom to help with the learning process. We then shared our applications and discussed what we learned from the development.

In our weekly work session we began the user interface analysis and completed a large portion of the User Interface Analysis document. We have fully completed the features and terminology sections as per our deliverable for this week and we have started on several other sections. We have also added a known issues section as well as a widget comparison section. These sections will be available in a later release of the document.

For the upcoming week we will be learning more about Microsoft Mediaroom individually and collaborating about what we have learned. We will also be reviewing the comments on from the MoSoNex team on the 1st draft of the document. While we are waiting for the review of the 1st draft to come back from MoSoNex we will be reviewing the document and adding content to the remaining sections.

Update (1/11/2011)

We've started the UI analysis, though we're discovering some shortcomings in our processes in doing so. Some have been technical in nature, offering a good crash course in the C#/Mediaroom platforms we'll be using going forward. All in all, it's progress, even if in unplanned ways.

Update (1/04/2011)

With the holidays behind us, we've started work on the first deliverables- the usability analysis and framework tools. Our first focus has been the analysis, with background work ensuring the team's environments are consistent and that everyone knows the exact nature and content of their next tasks.

Update (12/10/2010)

A significant amount of data and content has been added to this site. Along with it finally being online, the first weekly report has been entered, along with the project synopsis and a brief technical overview of the project.

Update (12/3/2010)

This is the landing page for the R.I. Toolkit project, a joint effort between RIT and MoSoNex, LLC. As the project is just starting, there's not much for us to say at this point, but we will keep this page updated with important information for both the project team and its supervisors and sponsors.

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