Development Roadmap

Roadmap accurate through Feb. 10 (project week 10). Further roadmap dates will be added based on evaluations at that time. Roadmap does not include RIT-required deliverables, assets, or activities.

By 1/19/11:

  • MoSoNex - Provide Windows Mediaroom ADK Documentation.

By 1/21/11:

  • RIToolkit - Submit First Draft (Part 1) of UI Analysis

By 1/27/11:

  • MoSoNex - Review of First Draft of UI Analysis

By 2/4/11:

  • RIToolkit - Submit Second Draft (Part 2) of UI Analysis

By 2/10/11:

  • Both - Review UI Analysis, discuss results, and plan out Implementation Schedule.

Roadmap Calendar

Complete calendar coming soon.

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