Billing History

 First, read Financial (Billing) Overview

Pulling up the Financial History should be as simple as loading the Financial Transactions for the current publisher

Here's what needs to happen:

  • If the current user is an editor or administrator, add a page for "Financial Summary"
    • This page should load in a grid (or table) all financial transactions in the system, ordered by date descending, showing the date, amount, financial type, direction, and publisher.
    • There should be a filter (a dropdown?) to filter the grid by only one particular publisher. When this is done, the publisher's balance should be shown.
    • This page should also allow for the addition of financial transactions of the Support Adjustment (In and Out) types, and "Publisher Service Payment"
  • If the current user is a publisher
    • This page should also load a similar grid, and show the publisher's balance.
    • Only data for that publisher should be shown

Note that there are no plans to incorporate any form of automatic payment. If a publisher pays the sponsors, it is done outside of our system, and the sponsor is responsible for recording that transaction in the system.