RocReadaR : Metrics and Measurement

Metrics and Measurements


  1. Milestone due dates
  2. Milestone completion dates
  3. Estimated time for task completion
  4. Time for task completion
  5. Time spent working
  6. Number of defects
  7. Number of test cases
  8. Test cases passed
  9. Classification of test cases
  10. Product response time
  11. Number of requirements
  12. Line of code in thousands
  13. Number of Tasks Todo
  14. Number of Tasks In Progress
  15. Number of Tasks Completed


  1. Progress Metrics
    1. Milestone Completion
      1. Shows number of days the project is ahead/behind schedule, based on planned dates for reaching milestones. Target dates are identified and actual dates for reaching each milestone are tracked.

      2. Measurements Used:
        1. Milestone due dates
        2. Milestone completion dates
    2. Cumulative Flow
      1. Shows the number of tasks in each state (Todo, In Progress, Completed)
      2. The relative flow of tasks should not spike - Too many new Todos is a sign we did not properly plan or overscoped the current iteration
  2. Effort metrics
    1. These metrics are used for keeping track of hours spent.
    2. Comparison of planned versus actual effort for each activity. Effort on activity is tracked using time.
    3. Effort by type of activity: Classify effort based on activity type: requirements, design, implementation, coordination, documentation, customer interaction etc. Useful to identify where allocated time is going, so that we can try to improve efficiency in that area.
    4. Measurements used:
      1. Estimated time for task completion
      2. Time for task completion
      3. Estimation Accuracy, E% =(|TEstimate -TFinal|)/(TEstimate) *100
  3. Activity metrics
    1. Test metrics
      1. Number of test cases per requirement
      2. Percent of tests passed successfully


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