The Module Decomposition View of the architecture shows the location of the different major modules within the code. This may not necessarily reflect how it is during runtime at deployment, but may be similar.

Our system is split into 3 main sections:

  • RocReadaR App
  • Publisher Portal
  • Loopback Server

The RocReadaR App uses a Javascript UI and wikitude library. The senior project team did not delve deeply into it's code, however.


The Publisher Portal uses Angular.js with Javascript to provide Views and Controllers for the front end. Node Loopback is used with Express to make server-side endpoints. Loopback generates client-side javascript models, used by the Publisher Portal to communicate with the server. Finally, the Loopback Server contains all the Remote Methods and uses Role-Based Authentication. It provides access to the database, which is configurable to be in memory (for development) or MySQL (for deployment).


This diagram can be accessed here: https://drive.google.com/a/g.rit.edu/file/d/0B8ALJia9jVzAaXhHcmMyLWtWUkU/view?usp=sharing