Risk Management Plan

Likelihood on a scale of 0.0-1.0

Risk Exposure = Impact * Likelihood

DescriptionImpact (hrs)ChanceExposure (hrs)Mitigation PlanResolved
Difficulty getting website setup20.20.4Plan ahead to get website set up. Use external libraries to make development easier.RESOLVED
Difficulty understanding requirements40.52Talk with sponsors to get clarification of requirements.RESOLVED
Difficulty scheduling meeting with sponsors, especially considering timezones40.52Work on requirements clarification via email before meeting with sponsors. Attempt to get as much work done outside of meetings.RESOLVED
Difficulties agreeing on requirements for project40.52Email sponsors with requirements proposals before meeting to agree on requirements.RESOLVED
Rejection of project synopsis10.30.3Attempt to understand project goals well, to capture the essence of the project the first time. Analyze business goals of project to help with this.RESOLVED
Difficulties understanding requirements for use case document40.52Plan ahead and start use case early. This way, we can discuss confusions with the sponsor without losing time.RESOLVED
Difficulties understanding project domain40.52Plan ahead and start project domain early. This way, we can discuss confusions with the sponsor without losing time.RESOLVED
Sponsor rejection of wireframes   Meet with the sponsor to have wireframes approved early in case of rejection.RESOLVED
Difficulties understanding server needs   Set up test servers early, and perform load testing.


Difficulties getting cloud set up   Research cloud setup early. Deploy to cloud early for load testing.RESOLVED
Difficulties getting initial project infrastructure set up   Set up code branches and develop a "slice" of the architecture early. This should provide a "template" for development of the client to server stack.RESOLVED
Issue with image recognition - image recognition may depend on iOS/Android library and cannot be transferred   Research and develop a prototype of recognition as early as possible.RESOLVED
Project scope inaccurate/drifting   Meet with sponsor regularly to make sure that scope is not drifting.RESOLVED
Delay in setting up new process tools   Work on getting process tool set up early, over break.RESOLVED
Metrics not properly kept track of   Include tracking metrics in weekly meetings so we have accurate metrics.RESOLVED
Too much time spent in new process tools   Work on getting process tool set up early, over break. Don't spend excess time using tools outside of meetings.RESOLVED
Difficulties deciding new documentation tool   Work on getting documentation tool set up early, over break.RESOLVED
Too much time working on getting time tracking in place   Only work on getting time tracking in place outside of meetingsRESOLVED
JIRA time tracking completely failed    RESOLVED
Not enough effort being put in to meet deadlines   Keep a careful eye on deadlines. Use what time tracking we have to make sure that everyone is keeping their efforts up.RESOLVED
Usability Testing Scheduling being pushed back   Keep pushing sponsors. Not a terrible risk if it gets pushed back, but make sure it's done before we run out of time to incorporate changesRESOLVED


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