This document should be printed out in 2 copies for each test participant. One copy will be retained and another will be given to the test participant.


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Software Usability Testing

RocReadaR Portal


I HAVE BEEN INFORMED THAT: The RocReadaR Development Team is requesting my participation in a software usability test. The purpose of the software usability test is to collect user feedback as to your satisfaction of the software and how effective the software enables you to complete a series of tasks. This feedback will enable us to improve their software, as needed, before final delivery.

My participation will involve filling out a questionnaire regarding my experience with using the RocReadaR Portal to conduct a series of provided tasks, and talking to a representative of the team to provide feedback as to my satisfaction with the software. The session will take no more than 40 minutes. The risk of discomfort is low, but if I become tired or frustrated I can halt my participation at any time. The possible benefits of my participation in this usability test are to provide feedback to the RocReadaR Development Team so that they can deliver software that is easy to use and is useful to their intended market.

The results of this usability study will be documented in the RocReadaR documentations, but my name or identity will not be revealed. The researchers will maintain confidentiality of my records through the use of an identification code on my feedback. My name will not be documented at any point in the study. I will not be paid for my participation.

Any questions I have concerning the software usability study or my participation in it, before or after my consent, will be answered by a member of the RocReadaR Development Team (Senior Project Team), email: (Ian Salitrynski), or Elena Fedorovskaya

I have read the above informed consent form. I understand that I may withdraw my consent and discontinue participation at any time without penalty. A copy of this consent form will be given to me.


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