This document describes the set of steps a test to be followed by an evaluation monitor.

Note that if a test participant is having difficulty with a part of the test, it is acceptable to help him/her.

Test Procedure

Start by introducing yourself and the observer.

Thank the test participant, and have them sign the RocReadaR Portal Usability Informed Consent Form . Provide an additional copy of the consent form, one for the participant. Inform the test participant that they can choose to not participate and are free to leave at any time. Inform the test participant that the test is to study if the application is usable, and that the participant is not being tested. Do not put the participant's identifier on this document.

Generate an identifier for the participant. An identifier can be created using this: Random String Generator

Ask the test participant to complete the RocReadaR Portal Usability Pretest Survey . Make sure to write the participant's identifier on the document.

Inform the participant about the application and it's purpose.

If you plan on recording the session, ask for the participant's permission, and then activate the recording software.

When the participant is ready, have them complete the following tasks using the RocReadaR application. Instruct them to do the tasks, and try to limit your provided help to a minimum. If the participant is having a difficult time with a task, provide them with help.

As a Publisher:

  1. Log in as a Publisher with provided credentials
  2. Create a new Publication
  3. Create a new Issue within the Publication
  4. Create a new Page within the Issue for every provided Page file.
    1. These images should be present on the test computer before the test. You can show the participant where the images are.
  5. Create a new media element for one page of the Issue
  6. Add an Image media element with a custom thumbnail to the page. Place it in the center of the page.
  7. Add a Link media element with a custom description and a link to the website www.google.com to the page.
  8. Edit the first media element you created. Change its type and place it in the sidebar.
  9. Rearrange the positions of the visible media elements and save the page.
  10. Make the media element you placed in the sidebar visible again.
  11. Delete one of the media elements.
  12. Delete one of the Pages.
  13. Delete the Issue.
  14. Change your password.
  15. Log out.

As an Editor:

  1. Log in as an Editor with provided credentials.
  2. Create a new user. Give them an email and password of your choosing. Make them a Publisher and assign them to Publisher B.
  3. Create a new Publisher.
  4. Edit the user you created. Make them an Advertiser.
  5. Delete the user you created.
  6. Log out.

Ask the test participant to complete the RocReadaR Portal Usability Post-Test Survey . Make sure to write the participant's identifier on the document.

Thank the test participant for participating.Ask them if they have any questions.

Inform the participant that they can contact us via email listed on the consent form for any questions.