With a partner or individually answer the following questions and submit your findings to the appropriate Dropbox. As always, remember to include team member's names on the submission.


  1. What is the definition of software quality?
  2. What is the definition of software quality assurance?
  3. Create a list of common activities associated with SQA. Which do you think are most effective?
  4. Examine the techniques available for technical reviews. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using one technique over another?
  5. Your project plans calls for all software artifacts to be formally inspected. You are falling behind in the schedule and need to make a decision on the inspection process. What are your options and what would you suggest?
To answer questions 6-10, use the previously assigned reading: Variations in Software Development Practices
  1. What factors most influence the use of formal quality assurance activities on a software project?
  2. Original military standards for development projects were based on what? Has this changed in recent years?
  3. What project types have the best record for defect removal rates? The worst?
  4. What specific design methods or programming languages will insure better quality?
  5. In what development phase does it become apparent that there are quality problems?
To answer question 11, reference the picture below:
  1. Does the picture depict an error, fault or failure? Explain why and give an example of the remaining two terms in the context of a railroad.