Project Description


Project Synopsis:

The main focus of our project is to explore the feasibility of extending parts of the FACETS toolbox so they can be used on the Android platform. FACETS tools are project management tools used by ME students for Senior Projects. FACETS tools for the Edge environment currently exist to be used with a web browser, but are designed for a higher resolution device. The team's tasks can include making small modifications to the FACETS web tools to be easy to use on an Android device, as well as porting an entire tool from the existing implementation to an "Android Package" (APK) application. Ideally the ported version of each tool will exhibit as similar behavior as possible as the existing web-based tools given the constraints of the Android system. Another task for the team will include revising and updating current FACETS web tools. Since there are many FACETS tools for the Edge environment, the project is essentially a series of "mini-projects", each "mini-project" being a new FACETS tool converted into an Android application.

Meet The Team



  • Ed Hensel


  • Stephanie Ludi

Team Members /\/ Roles:

  • Victor Calderon /\/ Metrics Analyst and Sponsor Communicator
  • Robert VanTyne /\/ SRS and Requirements Specialist
  • Mark Gatesman /\/ Test Coordinator and Bug Tracking
  • Arnold King /\/ GUI Expert and Risk Management
  • Bryan Sillivan /\/ Team Leader and Weekly Status and Task List + Estimates
  • Ryan Chadwick /\/ Website Coordinator and Design Doc
Scribre alternates during meetings.