The End

Novenmber 14, 2010


Everything has an end - except a sausage, which has two.

Week 20

Novenmber 8, 2010


Monday we did our final presentation to our sponsor, faculty coach, and several department members. We also are finishing up some extra documents like team reflection and evals as well as the Technical Report. The post mortem will take place on wednesday and will mark the end of our project.

Week 19

November 1, 2010


The team spent this week finishing up various aspects of the project. This includes the last of our testing and development along with finalizing most of the project documents. We will also be making an appearance at the SSE weekly meeting on Friday this week to do our poster unvaeilig and a Q and A about senior project.

Week 18

October 25, 2010


This week we intend on fixing various issues with the Affinity Diagramming tool. The tool is in good working order and the only thign left to do is to address some small issues with the interface. We made some fixes in order to improve server stability but we still need to stress test these changes.

Week 17

October 18, 2010


Wednesday this week we will be going into one of our sponsors classes in order to get some feedback on our two Mobile FACETs tools. The brainstorming tool that we completed last quarter is complete and ready for acceptance testing with the students. We will also be doing a short demo of the Affinity Diagram tool in order to get some early feedback. While the Affinity Diagram tool is complete some serious bugs make it impractical to do public testing with the students.

Week 16

October 11, 2010


This week we will be integrating the four phases of Affinity Diagramming. The phases are all working seperately except grouping. We will also be getting ready for our acceptance testing of the Brinstorming tool in week 7.

Week 15

October 4, 2010


This is our last week of development befor eintegration. Most of the phases are complete but there are a few problems cropping up with the Grouping phase that need to be worked out. We have also completed out poster design and submitted it to our faculty advisor for printing.

Week 14

September 27, 2010


All phases of the Affinity Diagram tool are progressing nicely. According to our dev plan each team member is working on an Activity for a seperate phase. These will all be inegrated in week 6. We have also started working on the poster for our end of quarter presentation.

Week 13

September 20, 2010


With the development plan nailed down and our process changes in place this week will mark the start our development of the Affinity Diagram tool.

We also talked with out sponsor who offered a portion of his class time to demo/acceptance test the tools with students. This is too take place week wednesday of week 7.

Week 12

September 13, 2010


We decided that in order to better track our estimates the team should individually create work breakdown structures. The previous method of estimating time prior to each week didn't force the team to properly estimate long term goals. The work breakdown structures will give us a better comparison at the end of the quarter when held agains our activity trackers.

We prepared more storyboards and visual prototypes for our sponsor. This allowed us to nail down the functionality and our general idea of how the Affinity Diagram tool will flow.

Week 11

August 26, 2010


Some of the feedback from our pesentation hinted that our metrics were somewhat week. This is something we will be going over early this week. We will also be going over our estimation and tracking methods for the metrics.

Above and beyond refactoring our metrics and tracking we will be moving along with regular project activities. We are starting on requirments for the Affinity Diagramming FACETS Tool as well as doing some early project planning for the coming quarter.


August 26, 2010


Over break we mostly relaxed. The team worked on some small fixes in the intermediate time.

Week 10

August 19, 2010


On Tuesday we delivered our presentation to the SE Faculty. Afterwards on Thursday we planned for break.

Week 9

August 12, 2010


Week 9 was spent on a wide variety of tasks. First and foremost we spent a lot of time of testing our application. Most of the testing was stress and endurance testing. We ran several scripts that flooded the servlet with data in order to see if our server and the handheld app could deal with the traffic.

Simultaneously we were also working on our presentation for week 10. We choreographed our presentation and did several dry runs. We also pre-recorded a demo for use in the presentation.

Week 8

August 5, 2010


With the end of week 8 marks the completion of the Brainstorming FACETS tool. We have already identified several bugs and fixes. We will be spending week 9 testing the application and fixing any problems we come across. We will also be using this time to prepare our week 10 presentation. We met with our sponsor on our Thursday meeting in order to start getting our head around the requirements for the Affinity Diagramming FACETS tool. The team decided that we would spend some time during break between summer and fall quarters to start work on requirements for the next spiral of development.

Week 7

July 25, 2010


The team spent week 7 working on our respective parts of the Brainstormig tool. Idea generation is complete. Session detail viewing/editing, grouping, and voting are all on the verge of completion. There has been great progress on our back end server tools to allow for quick completion of the remaining subsystems. Week 8 will be spent integrating and polishing the UI. This will leave week 9 for testing and work on our presentation for week 10.

Week 6

July 18, 2010


During week six we continued work according to our development plan. Idea Generation for the the Brainstorming tool is almost complete and and we started work on grouping. Next week we will begin on Voting/Results and integration of the various parts. We will also be meeting with our advisor to iron out a few things and possibly start requirements on the next tool. We decided that while some of the team tests and finishes integration we could utilize some of our extra man power for preparing documents and requirments for the next tool.

Week 5

July 12, 2010


Last week we continued development on the Brainstorming tool. We are working on several aspects of the tool simultaneously: Idea generation, session management, and server communications. Heading into week 6 we will wrap up our current work and start on the voting and grouping elements to the tool.

Week 4

July 1, 2010


Week 4 marks the begining of our first development increment on the Brainstorming Facets Tool. As per our development plan we've split up our large team into smaller development groups to allow for simultaneous development on several of the sub systems for the Brainstorming Tool. We've settled on developing for the Android 2.0 OS update using the Eclipse IDE and the Android development plug-in for Eclipse.

Week 3

June 23, 2010


This week we finished up smoothing out requirements for the brainstorming tool. The team also created several storyboard and visual prototypes for the android brainstorming tool. Lastly we started filling out our project methodology and project plan documents as well as started tracking hours for our activities.

Week 2

June 18, 2010


This week we set up our project management with Redmine. We gathered a list of initial requirments for the Brainstorm tool and started to think about implementation on the Droid phone. We also created templates for all the documents including SRS, Design Document, Risk Management, Meeting Minutes and weekly status. As a group we decided on 6 metrics to be kept throughout the project which can be found on the metrics page. We also each have set up the development environment.

For next week we will finalize the requirements for the Brainstorm tool with our sponsor. We will also work on creating prototypes for the Droid application. The team will also be filling out the document templates that we created this week as well as creating a project plan.

Week 1

June 12, 2010


Website is up. Look here in the future for more updates on project status.