Process Information


We had initially decided on a spiral Process but as the project progressesed this seemed less and less feasible. We changed our process early to somethig we like to call "Parrallel Iterative". Because we had a lot of manpower we split our tema into smaller groups who each started work on a different part of the project. These different parts were indpendant of each other which allowed for parrallel development. Each smaller team followed an iterative process for their subsystem or work item.

An example of this can be seen in our development plan diagram for Brainstorming below. The team split up into smaller groups and each worked on a different part of the Brainstorming tool. Each box in the daigram represents and includes an iterative development appraoch over each subsystem.

Our chosen methodology will be SCRUM. Some of our team has had prior experience with this methodology and can therefore help us along as our acting SCRUM master.