Weekly update
Weekly update 4.06-4.24
Weekly update
This week, Rob visited the library of University of Rochester to demonstrate release 3 of the project. It went well, and the team had gotten some valuable feedback. We discussed about the new features being requested by the sponsors. We have responded with a list of features that are prioritized. The next release will be shaped by the response from the sponsors of this list.
weekly update 3.30-4.05
Project schedule for R4 and weekly updates
Project plan for R4
Weekly update (3.16-3.29)
Weekly update
weekly update 3.12 - 3.15
Project Schedule for R3
Project Schedule-2.18.2007
Release 2 and weekly update
On Tuesday, we demonstrated release 2 to our advisor and sponsors. Release 2 includes the following.
- Improving performance (pagination, DAO, database)
- GUI - Sorting results
- GUI - Filtering results
- GUI - More details of what happen after matching job
- Refining matching algorithm, matching confidence, and role of string transformers
- Importing DublinCore records
Click here to download release 2.

The team will reevaluate our schedule for release 3 this weekend. In release 3, we will focus on the following areas.
- Verify that matching algorithm is doing the right things
- Implement string transformers
- Create new XC records
- Merge and update records with new data upon import
- Configuration files for the system

We will stop working on this project until March 12 so that we can focus on working on projects from other classes and studying for finals.

weekly update 2.9-2.15
Weekly update
weekly update 2.2 - 2.8
Weekly update
Currently the team is focusing on release 2. Here is the time breakdown of the previous week.

Release one
Today we demonstrated our release 1 to the sponsors and the advisors. In release one, we tried to complete the basic structures of the system such as database, DAO, GUI, importing and basic matching. We have finished them, but we still need to further refine many of the functionality to get them right. You can download R1 here. The zip file contains all project artifacts - code, updated documents, etc.,.

We have updated the schedule to reflect release 2, which is currently scheduled for 2 weeks from now.
Updated project document
We have updated the project schedule. A new design document and acceptance test plan are also added.

Click here to download the files.