Meeting: Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
Place: Senior Project Lab
Time: 4:00-6:00 p.m.
Members Present: Paul Caponetti, Lorien Henry-Wilkins, Ray Saltrelli, Kyle Scholz, Alonso Villanueva

Topics discussed:

  • Talked about the status report

  • Ray talked to Microsoft. The team has to wait for their response.

  • Decided not to have acronyms on SRS for mandatory, optional, etc.

  • Met with Dr. Vallino to discuss project plan, time collection (decided to do it weekly), and our interaction with the customer

  • Individual effort during the past week:

    • Ray: 3 hours on SDP problem, 1 hour on Microsoft call

    • Alonso: 2 hours on changes to requirements, site updates

    • Lorien: 2 hrs on OPP spec, 1 hr on project plan, 2 hr on miscellaneous activities, 1 hr on defining procedures

    • Kyle: 1 hr on Tech Issues, 2 hrs on SRS, 1 hr on project plan, 1 hr on defining procedures

    • Paul: 6 hrs on BPP Spec

Action items:

  • Schedule a meeting with Dr. Vallino to discuss architecture

  • Ray will talk to Microsoft tomorrow Tuesday 01/25/05

  • Ray: figure out what SDP records our application needs

  • Alonso: add scope for FTP section, make updates

  • Lorien: add scope for OPP section, make updates

  • Kyle: Make SRS updates, write use cases, consult schedule with customer for interim progress presentation

  • Paul: Make SRS updates