Samuel A. Malachowsky

Senior Lecturer, Department of Software Engineering
Project Management Professional (PMP)

Samuel Malachowsky

Hello, and welcome to Samuel Malachowsky's academic profile. As a career-long Project Manager, I'm passionate about process and project management and how they can provide practical and real R.O.I. in today's software development environments.

Project Team Leadership and Communication Book by Samuel Malachowsky

I'm excited to announce the publication of my textbook, Project Team Leadership and Communication! It's designed for students and business professionals who are entering into their first project leadership role. Chapters cover the basics of leadership, team dynamics, project fundamentals/management, project communication, some common pitfalls to avoid, and a practical discussion of up-and-coming Agile methods.

You can check out the details on the information page on the publisher's website. Using Amazon's "look inside" feature, you can preview a fair amout of the book - check it out.

Research interests:

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Most Recent Article


Instructional Changes Brought About by COVID-Necessitated Classroom Tools Link to Article

The teaching environment and tools nescecitated by the COVID pandemic has enabled some surprising new teaching efficiences. (Keywords Classroom Engagement, Online Teaching, 2020-10-21)

Most Recent Publication


Experiential Educational Accessibility Modules PDF Link

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Our Accessibility Learning Labs both inform participants about how to properly create accessible software, and also demonstrate the need to create accessible software. Five labs are currently available on the topics of: Colorblindness, Hearing, Blindness and Dexterity. Material is available on our website: Due to their self-contained web-based nature and the inclusion of all instructional materials (e.g., slides, quizzes, etc.), the labs enable easy integration into a wide variety of curricula ranging from high schools (9-12) to graduate courses. This session will provide an overview of the labs, and usage instructions and information for adopters. (Heather Moses, Su Thit Thazin, Samuel Malachowsky, Daniel Krutz; Conference Paper, 2023-4-19)

Most Recent Outreach


Software engineering students digitize National Women’s Hall of Fame nomination process External Link

Senior project allows students to develop skills and help nonprofit organization. RIT software engineering students are developing a new application to help the National Women’s Hall of Fame streamline its nomination and inductee selection process. (Scott Bureau, RIT News, 2023-4-13)

Featured Course

SWEN 356

SWEN 356 – Trends In Software Development Processes External Link

A course in the exploration of current approaches in planning, executing and managing the project activities performed during the development of a professional software product. Topics include the characteristics of state of the practice development methods, selecting practices best suited based on project context and techniques for refining practices to achieve process improvement. Students work on team projects inclusive of all development life cycle activities to reinforce concepts presented in course. (Prerequisites: SWEN 256; Offered: Typically Spring Semester )
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