Samuel A. Malachowsky

Senior Lecturer, Department of Software Engineering
Project Management Professional (PMP)


Software engineering students digitize National Women’s Hall of Fame nomination process External Link

Senior project allows students to develop skills and help nonprofit organization. RIT software engineering students are developing a new application to help the National Women’s Hall of Fame streamline its nomination and inductee selection process. (Scott Bureau, RIT News, 2023-4-13)

15 Experts Reveal the Best Project Management Tools in 2020 External Link

There are so many tools available in the market like Asana, Microsoft Team, Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker and many more. Which are the best for small businesses or startups? (Atique Qureshi,, 2020-2-6)

5 Exciting Engineering Fields of Study External Link

Engineers are constantly being challenged to innovate and develop the next cutting-edge design, which will solve a problem or propel a company forward. There's no doubt engineers are in high demand across all fields. If you are mechanically inclined, the kid who loved submitting their entry in the school science fair, then perhaps a career in one of the many exciting engineering fields of study is for you. (S.M. Audsley, MasterStudies, 2019-6-23)

How to Assess Various Types of Engineering Degrees External Link

Because of the fast pace of technological progress, there is an ever-increasing variety of engineering degrees to choose from. Prospective engineering students should consider which degree will lead to their dream job, experts say. (Ilana Kowarski, US News and World Report, 2019-2-25)

Job Role: Software Engineer External Link

Software engineers are behind the software and apps that we use. But what exactly does the role entail? Here we examine the duties of a software engineer. (Justin Stoltzfus, Techopedia, 2019-1-21)

What's the best methodology for project teams under 10? External Link

Most project teams don't use a methodology, but those that do are more likely to deliver projects on time and under budget. Here, are answers to 12 common questions about PM methodologies to help you make the best choice for your team. (Lauren Maffeo, GetApp Lab Independent SaaS and SMB industry research, 2018-12-13)
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