Samuel A. Malachowsky

Senior Lecturer, Department of Software Engineering
Project Management Professional (PMP)

SWEN 101

SWEN 101 – Software Engineering Freshman Seminar External Link

Provides first-year students with the skills necessary to succeed at RIT and in the software engineering program. Small group sessions are used to help new students make friends, create a stronger bond with RIT and their program and become acquainted with the campus and its facilities. In addition, students are introduced to the profession of software engineering and to ethical issues they will face at RIT and throughout their careers. (Prerequisites: None; Offered: Typically Fall Semester )
SWEN 102

SWEN 102 – Software Engineering Seminar for Transfers External Link

Provides students that have recently transferred into the software engineering program with an introduction to the profession of software engineering and the skills necessary to succeed in the program. (Prerequisites: None; Offered: Typically Fall Semester )
SWEN 256

SWEN 256 – Software Process and Project Management External Link

An introductory course to software process and related software project management issues. Emphasis is on the study, use, evaluation, and improvement of the software development process and related project management. Topics include software development methodologies, software project planning and tracking, change control, software quality assurance, risk management, and software process assessment and improvement. (Prerequisites: SWEN 261; Offered: Typically both Fall and Spring Semesters, Multiple Sections )
SWEN 350

SWEN 350 – Software Process and Product Quality External Link

This course covers advanced topics in software engineering relating to software quality, with processes and metrics being viewed as a means to achieving quality. Quality is interpreted broadly to include product functionality and performance, project schedule and budget, and business objectives. Software metrics help a software organization on two main fronts: quality assessment of its products and processes, and process improvement towards its main goal: the production of successful software artifacts within schedule and budget constraints. (Prerequisites: SWEN 256, STAT 205, One Co-Op Completed; Offered: Typically Fall Semester )
SWEN 356

SWEN 356 – Trends In Software Development Processes External Link

A course in the exploration of current approaches in planning, executing and managing the project activities performed during the development of a professional software product. Topics include the characteristics of state of the practice development methods, selecting practices best suited based on project context and techniques for refining practices to achieve process improvement. Students work on team projects inclusive of all development life cycle activities to reinforce concepts presented in course. (Prerequisites: SWEN 256; Offered: Typically Spring Semester )
SWEN 559

SWEN 559 – Software Engineering Process Seminar - DevOps Process and Culture External Link

A survey of DevOps process, culture, and tools. Special focus on the conditions that make a DevOps environment and its expected benefits and outcomes. Topics include project and operational cultures, workflow patterns, and the effect of implementing DevOps on an organization. This course also provides students with DevOps team experience and an opportunity to implement many of the patterns, tools, and culture shifts discussed in the curriculum. (Prerequisites: SWEN 256; Offered: Typically Spring Semester )
SWEN 561/562

SWEN 561/562 – Software Engineering Project I/II External Link

A two-course, senior-level, capstone project experience. Students work as part of a team to develop solutions to problems posed by either internal or external customers. Problems may require considerable software development or evolution and maintenance of existing software products. Culminates with the completion and presentation of the first major increment of the project solution. (Prerequisites: SWEN 256, SWEN 440, SWEN 444, Co-Ops Completed; Offered: Scheduled for 5th years, Fall/Spring/Summer Semester )
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