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About SamuelM.com

What is the purpose of this website?

SamuelM.com is the personal website of Samuel Malachowsky. Contents of this site include archives of previous sites, my resume, and a mobile phone (WAP) section.

Is SamuelM.com your first personal website?

No. SamuelM.com is the latest in a series of personal websites. Previous sites were PantherPaw.com and All4Content.com. Archives of these sites are available in the "Archives" section of this site.

What does SamuelM stand for?

If you actually have to ask that question you don't deserve the answer.

Has SamuelM.com always been your website?

No. I purchased SamuelM.com when the previous owner's registration expired. From what I can tell, the website used to be in another language (Hebrew, I think). If you know anything about previous occupants of this domain, information would be appreciated.

What is the meaning of life?

I don't think that question is appropriate for this page.

OK, then why is there so much blue on this site?

Blue? Where? Must be time to buy a new monitor.

What are your future plans for SamuelM.com?

Besides continued development of existing sections, I have big plans for the site. Unfortunately, plans and reality rarely mesh. Potential plans include adding flash, enhancing the WAP section, the Keywords, advertising, and possible commercial or consulting applications.


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