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N64 Portable

One old Nintendo64 + Sony LCD Screen + Battery = Portable N64


1) Standard N64 Controller- separated and cut to accommodate analog stick (11) in left section.

2) N64 Board- Game slot removed, ribbon cable added to relocate slot to top of unit. Power plug and tv/audio out to be removed and rewired.

3) Controller Board- Removed, holes widened, rewired for Z, L, and Start.

4) Battery Holders

5) Front Plastic Cover- Cut from lid of grey storage tote.

6) Back Plastic Cover- Bent to accommodate back of unit. Flare is edge of lid.

7) Bottom Plastic Cover- Mounted with plug from PS1 screen (10).

8) Top Plastic Cover- Holes for A/V Plugs (17), Cart Slot (15), Switches (14), and Spacer to ensure proper insertion (not backward)

9) Back Metal Plate- From N64, used to mount all components

10) Plugs From PS1 Screen

11) Analog Stick- From OEM N64 Controller

12) Jumper Pack- outer casing removed and chip cut to smallest possible size

13) N64 Logo- From front of N64

14) Switches- Used to control power on/off and Controller 1 internal/external.

15) Cartridge Slot- Removed for relocation to top of unit.

16) Speaker- From PS1 Screen

17) A/V Plugs- For Video In/Out

18) Clip- From N64, 2 bent to hold Cartridge Slot (15), 1 bent for top spacer, 1 to mount Back Plastic Cover (6)

19) PS1 Screen Buttons- Volume and Brightness Adjustments

20) PS1 Screen- Removed from case

21) Heat Sinks- To replace larger sink removed from back of N64 Board (2)

22) L and Start Buttons




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