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About the WAPsite

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About the WAPsite

Samuelm.com/wap is a web-based site designed for mobile phones and other small browsers.

Accessing the site:

Using the phone's menu,
access the Web Browser.

Choose to enter your
own Web Address.

Type www.samuelm.com/wap
and go.

Or: Access the site using a computer based browser such as Opera or WinWAP.


What's Available? Free Phone Backgrounds and downloadable Java games.


Asteroid Zone is a Java 2 Micro Edition (j2me) version of the classic arcade game: your spaceship has ventured into a particularly unfriendly area of space where it must strive for survival by blasting asteroids which threaten to squash it. The ship has a powerful gun, a propulsion system (be careful with inertia !), and can teleport.

Spruce Blocks is a tetris-style game. Line up the blocks to complete rows. Pieces come faster as time goes by.

Spruce Chess is a classic chess game with multiple computer levels for increased challenges. Higher computer levels take longer to "think" about their moves.

Spruce Bowling is a basic bowling game. Minimal graphics but keeps running score.
Spruce Checkers is a standard force-jump checkers game. Can save and has variable computer skill level.

Spruce Invaders Space Invaders Clone. Early version with no advanced gameplay.

Spruce Man Pac Man Clone. Early version with two levels.

Spruce Driver Race Car Driver. Simple driving game.

Spruce Tennis Basic Table Tennis game.



Questions? Comments? Contact SamuelM.


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