Section 01 Class Schedule for Term 2178

Due Dates by Section: Note: Refer to the above instructor due dates. If no due date is listed refer to the following:
    - submissions of Activities are due at the beginning of the following class  when the activity was introduced.
    - Readings are due at the beginning of the week they appear on the schedule.
    - other submissions with specific dates have due date times of 11:59:00 PM of the indicated day. Official time is at

Unless instructed otherwise by your instructor submit your work to your Git repository.

Week Topics Read/Listen/Watch Projects/Practicums
Class Activity
May 17, 22

Sessions 1, 2

Course Introduction
Unix/Linux Environment

Logging into your SE account (
via SSH

Creating SSH keys for nitron login.

Version Control - Git

SSH access to your GitLab repo.

C Intro

Crosstalk Article: "Software Education: Missed Expectations", pages 4-8

Git Intro (YouTube):
Watch the first three parts. We are not using GitHub or the gitk visual tool, but a useful reference to git commands that we will be using.

Learning Unix
(Tutorials 1-4)



Creating SSH keys with PUTTY

GitLab and SSH Keys README

C: Temp Conversion

SSH key setup for Mac
May 24, 29

Sessions 3, 4

C Strings and Command Line Args Learning Unix
(Tutorials 5-8)

C: Word Count

May 31, June 5

Sessions 5, 6

GDB Intro

C Functions and Arrays

C Make, Structs, Typedef
RIT -- C Essential Training

C Coding Standards
C: Debug Intro

C: Longest Line With Tests

June 7, 12

Sessions 7, 8

Review on June 7 Practicum 1 Tuesday June 12

Practice Practicum 1
C: CSV Parser

June 14, 19

Sessions 9, 10
C: Pointers and Memory

C: Arrays / Pointers / Strings

C: A / P / S: Examples

Malloc and Strings

Linked Lists

Document Analysis Part 1 C: Pointers

Strings / Arrays / Pointers

C Strings malloc and free

June 21, 26

Sessions 11, 12
cppcheck utility

Work on Project Part 1 and 2

Document Analysis Part 2

June 28, July 3

Session 13, 14

C Project Continuation C Practicum: Pointers and Heap July 5

Practice Practicum
Hashmap (optional)
(bonus 2 pts)

July 5, July 10

Session 15, 16

Database Intro Login On watch:

SQL Essential Training -- Chapters 1 through 3
2nd C Practicum Database Activity 1

July 12

Session 17

Continue database

SQL Joins
Database Activity 2
July 17, 19

Session 18, 19
Intro to Ruby

Ruby OO

Ruby vs Python

PP -
PR: Pragmatic Programmers -
(Forward, Preface, Roadmap, sections)

*** 2.4.3 Core API Reference ***
Ruby: Scripting Histogram

Ruby: Factorial

Ruby: GeoCalc
July 24, 26

Session 20, 21
Ruby Unit Testing Ruby: Diet Manager Project
July 31, Aug 2

Session 22, 23
Continue Ruby
Aug 7

Session 24
Ruby Practice Practicum

Final Exam: Tuesday August 14th 10:15 AM GOL 1530