Section 01 Class Schedule for Term 2178

Due Dates by Section: Note: Refer to the above instructor due dates. If no due date is listed refer to the following:
    - submissions of Activities are due at the beginning of the following class  when the activity was introduced.
    - Readings are due at the beginning of the week they appear on the schedule.
    - other submissions with specific dates have due date times of 11:59:00 PM of the indicated day. Official time is at

Unless instructed otherwise by your instructor submit your work to your Git repository.

Week Topics Read/Listen/Watch Projects/Practicums
Class Activity
May 17, 22

Sessions 1, 2

Course Introduction
Unix/Linux Environment

Logging into your SE account (
via SSH

Creating SSH keys for nitron login.

Version Control - Git

SSH access to your GitLab repo.

C Intro

Crosstalk Article: "Software Education: Missed Expectations", pages 4-8

Git Intro (YouTube):
Watch the first three parts. We are not using GitHub or the gitk visual tool, but a useful reference to git commands that we will be using.

Learning Unix
(Tutorials 1-4)



Creating SSH keys with PUTTY

GitLab and SSH Keys README

SSH key setup for Mac
C: Temp Conversion

May 24, 29

Sessions 3, 4

C Strings and Command Line Args Learning Unix
(Tutorials 5-8)

C: Word Count
Refer to SIS for the exam times.